New Branding Prints Wristbands Logo for Neue Wellen

Explore my design work for Neue Wellen Festival in Köln

Polly has been the creative mastermind behind all of our festival designs. We're excited to see what she has in store for next year as we eagerly await her fresh ideas for the upcoming festival posters and branding.

Thies and JoshiFounders of Neue Wellen Festival

New Visual Identity

Since the formation of Neue Wellen in 2022 I've been involved in the design process, I created the original poster files and contributed illustrations and elements for their social media channels.

Following the success of the first two events, I have since been formally asked to re-brand the festival in a cohesive way and create a visual identity for 2024. We now continue to work collaboratively, and going forward will be using this updated branding kit to roll out new designs across all platforms and create new templates and media files for the festival.


The Festival Posters

The initial event posters were designed using graphic software then hand-screened at BHG studios in Bali, creating 10 limited-edition copies. An additional 500 copies were then re-produced and distributed throughout Cologne to promote the burgeoning indie festival.

Following this success, a new poster was crafted for the subsequent summer event. It maintained the established branding colour palette but showcased refreshed elements and illustrations. This redesigned poster played a pivotal role in comprehensive marketing initiatives across the city, effectively driving ticket sales and promoting the event.


New Festival Collection

To add to the event's sales, we put together some new merchandise. Tweaking the original logo, making it horizontal to fit squarely on the back of T-shirts and hoodies using the same vibrant colours that define our branding.
We also came up with another T-shirt style using the illustrations from the posters, creating some awesome designs for both the front and back, which sold-out on the day.

This merchandise was carefully hand-printed by a company in Cologne. They were available on the day of the event or online through our website. It was a great way for attendees to continue to spread the word throughout the community and as a lasting reminder of the festival.